Sierra Burgess is a Loser


Sierra Burgess is a very smart student but isn’t very popular in school. Mean girl Veronica always attempts to make Sierra’s life miserable by being cruel and giving her mean comments. Jeremy is a handsome guy from another school that goes up to Veronica and asks for her number. Veronica has a boyfriend, so she gives him Sierra’s number instead in attempt to embarrass her. Jeremy texts Sierra thinking she’s Veronica. Sierra continues texting Jeremy even after she knows that he thinks he was texting Veronica. After flirting all nigh, Sierra starts having feelings for Jeremy.

Sierra ends up confronting Veronica who is upset because her boyfriend broke up with her because he thought she was dumb. She offers to tutor Veronica in exchange for her to talk to Jeremy and she agrees. As they begin to get closer and know each other better, Sierra finds out about her annoying family and understands why she is they way she is. This makes Sierra have more empathy for Veronica and makes her open up as well. Veronica continues to help her talk to Jeremy but the truth can’t be hidden forever. What will happen when Jeremy finds out that all along she was lying about her identity?



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