The Vampire Diaries


After centuries of being away from their home town, vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore return to Mystic Falls Virginia. Stefan is the good, brave, and kind hearted brother. As For Damon, he is more selfish, threatening and dangerous. Damon feeds on human blood because he is so careless and doesn’t feel guilty about killing people and it makes him stronger. Stefan doesn’t like to kill people because he’s caring, so he only feeds on animal blood. 

Stefan is the only one who goes to high school, so he meets a high school girl named Elena Gilbert who he instantly falls for her because of her resemblance to Katherine Pierce, who was his and his brother’s past love. Stefan and Elena start dating. Elena falls in love with him for his kind and loving heart. Later on she meets Damon who also straightaway falls for her. Unfortunately Stefan and Elena split up and Damon sees and opportunity to win her over. Soon Damon will confess his love for Elena. How will Elena react? Will she feel the same way?


Gossip Girl

gossip girl

Gossip Girl is a mysterious blogger who follows the scandalous lives of wealthy teenagers who live on the upper east side. There are many secrets and romance drama for gossip girl to discover and reveal to the public in the blog. With Serena Van Der Woodsen coming back to the upper east side, after disappearing when she got kicked out of boarding school, there will be a lot of drama for gossip girl to uncover. 

Serena is Blair Waldorf’s best friend. Blair has all her life ahead planned out, but always feels like she’s living in Serena’s shadow since she gets all the attention because she’s so social and is always making new friends. Nate Archibald is Blair’s boyfriend but has been acting different ever since Serena’s arrival. Chuck Bass is a manipulative, rich, son of a very powerful millionaire. In contrast from Serena, Daniel Humphrey is a lonely boy from Brooklyn who nobody knows and is not as rich. Will life in the upper east side come out to be as spectacular as everyone say to be? Or will it be discovered that they all have as much problems as the not so rich?

The Conjuring

the conjuring

A family moved to an old farm house in Rhode Island with their six daughters. Later on they begin to experience small paranormal activities. They began hearing strange noises and then things start to move and fall by themselves. As time passes, things start getting more and more extreme. The girls begin to see people in the house and the mom is being harmed by a evil spirit. The spirit plans to make her weak in order to be able to poses her. After meeting Lorraine and Ed Warren, who are famous paranormal investigators, the family asks them to go investigate their house because they believe the house is being haunted by something evil. 

After investigating the house, Lorraine and Ed find out that the house is being possessed by an evil spirit or demon. They figured out that a witch that lived there had sacrificed her baby to satan. The witch kept possessing other moms that moved into the house and made them kill their own children. Lorraine and Ed take their friend Brad and Drew in to the house to help them gather evidence so the Church could see that the house is in need of an exorcism and to be able to save the family from the evil demon.