Stranger Things


Will, just being a 12 year-old boy, rides his bike through the woods passing by a laboratory. He sees something strange in front of him which causes him to panic and fall down a hill and crash. He abandons his bike and runs back home where he finds no one. He tries to call his parents but he only hears a whispering voice as someone tries to open the door. Will gets scared and runs to his shed in the backyard where he sees the same strange thing he saw when he crashed that vanishes him into thin air.

The next morning Will’s mom finds that he has mysteriously disappeared. The whole town goes looking for him and begins to uncover secrets of the government laboratory. They discover there are portals to another world, frightening monsters, and a strange little girl named eleven. Eleven manages to escape from the laboratory. She ends up finding Mike Wheeler who is one of Will’s best friends. Eleven then uses her supernatural abilities to help locate Will. When they find him will he still be alive? And will they be able to rescue him?


The Office

the office.jpg

The Office is a comedy show located in Scranton Pennsylvania in a paper company named Dunder Mifflin. The lives of the workers are being caught on camera by a camera crew for a documentary. The cameras follow the workers around and capture all the hilarious and crazy things they do. The branch is run by regional manager Michael Scott who isn’t so bright. At first the worker find him annoying because of his racist and offensive comments, but later on they learn that he is a good person.

Jim and Dwight are some of the main characters along with Michael. Dwight is the top sales man in the office and has the most respect towards Michael. He admires him and aspires to be like him. Jim loves messing with Dwight and making his life difficult by always pranking him. Pam is also one of the main characters in the office. She is a receptionist who was engaged for three years to a warehouse worker named Roy. Jim has had a crush on Pam ever since she started working in Dunder Mifflin. He never told her how he felt until one night when he decided to confess his feelings because he was leaving to work at another office. Now that Pam knows she is confused and doesn’t know what to do since she is engaged to Roy. What will she decide to do now that she knows how Jim feels?

Thor Ragnarok


Thor finds out that his father is dying and his death will allow his evil sister Hela to escape from prison. Hela used to be the leader of the Asgard armies, but Thor’s father Odin had imprisoned her because he was afraid she would become too ambitious and powerful. Now that Odin is dead, Thor’s evil sister Hela, who is the goddess of death, is free and more powerful than ever. She plans to take over the Asgard throne and the universe. As soon as she arrives to Asgard, she kills anyone who doesn’t stand with her or goes against her.

Hela comes out of the prison and finds Thor. Thor throws his hammer at her but she catches it and destroys it. Thor accidentally ends up on the other side of the universe on a planet called Sakaar. He gets imprisoned and forced to fight against the champion of the Grandmaster. If he doesn’t win he won’t be able to stop Hela and it will be the destruction of his world and the civilization of Asgardian. To his surprise, the champion of the Grandmaster he has to compete against is a good friend of his and one of the strongest Avengers; The Incredible Hulk.

Sierra Burgess is a Loser


Sierra Burgess is a very smart student but isn’t very popular in school. Mean girl Veronica always attempts to make Sierra’s life miserable by being cruel and giving her mean comments. Jeremy is a handsome guy from another school that goes up to Veronica and asks for her number. Veronica has a boyfriend, so she gives him Sierra’s number instead in attempt to embarrass her. Jeremy texts Sierra thinking she’s Veronica. Sierra continues texting Jeremy even after she knows that he thinks he was texting Veronica. After flirting all nigh, Sierra starts having feelings for Jeremy.

Sierra ends up confronting Veronica who is upset because her boyfriend broke up with her because he thought she was dumb. She offers to tutor Veronica in exchange for her to talk to Jeremy and she agrees. As they begin to get closer and know each other better, Sierra finds out about her annoying family and understands why she is they way she is. This makes Sierra have more empathy for Veronica and makes her open up as well. Veronica continues to help her talk to Jeremy but the truth can’t be hidden forever. What will happen when Jeremy finds out that all along she was lying about her identity?


The Vampire Diaries


After centuries of being away from their home town, vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore return to Mystic Falls Virginia. Stefan is the good, brave, and kind hearted brother. As For Damon, he is more selfish, threatening and dangerous. Damon feeds on human blood because he is so careless and doesn’t feel guilty about killing people and it makes him stronger. Stefan doesn’t like to kill people because he’s caring, so he only feeds on animal blood. 

Stefan is the only one who goes to high school, so he meets a high school girl named Elena Gilbert who he instantly falls for her because of her resemblance to Katherine Pierce, who was his and his brother’s past love. Stefan and Elena start dating. Elena falls in love with him for his kind and loving heart. Later on she meets Damon who also straightaway falls for her. Unfortunately Stefan and Elena split up and Damon sees and opportunity to win her over. Soon Damon will confess his love for Elena. How will Elena react? Will she feel the same way?

Gossip Girl

gossip girl

Gossip Girl is a mysterious blogger who follows the scandalous lives of wealthy teenagers who live on the upper east side. There are many secrets and romance drama for gossip girl to discover and reveal to the public in the blog. With Serena Van Der Woodsen coming back to the upper east side, after disappearing when she got kicked out of boarding school, there will be a lot of drama for gossip girl to uncover. 

Serena is Blair Waldorf’s best friend. Blair has all her life ahead planned out, but always feels like she’s living in Serena’s shadow since she gets all the attention because she’s so social and is always making new friends. Nate Archibald is Blair’s boyfriend but has been acting different ever since Serena’s arrival. Chuck Bass is a manipulative, rich, son of a very powerful millionaire. In contrast from Serena, Daniel Humphrey is a lonely boy from Brooklyn who nobody knows and is not as rich. Will life in the upper east side come out to be as spectacular as everyone say to be? Or will it be discovered that they all have as much problems as the not so rich?

13 Reasons Why


Clay Jensen comes home to a mysterious box with his name on it in the front of his house. He finds some cassettes inside the box who were recorded by a girl named Hanna Backer who he had a crush on. He never got to tell her how he felt because she tragically committed suicide. The tapes got passed down to Clay based on the instruction that Hannah gave in them. Hannah gave Tony, her closest friend, who listened to them and ran to her house right away. When Tony arrived he found out that she had already committed suicide and he was too late.

In the tapes Hannah talks about thirteen reasons why she committed suicide. Each tape has two sides where she talks about one person on each. As the Clay listens to the tapes he begins to feel very guilty and wants the people who hurt Hannah to pay for what they did, especially Brice who was the one who pushed her to the edge. Soon Clay will find out that he is in the tapes as well and he was one of the reasons. How will Clay react? What will Clay do with the tapes?