The Office

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The Office is a comedy show located in Scranton Pennsylvania in a paper company named Dunder Mifflin. The lives of the workers are being caught on camera by a camera crew for a documentary. The cameras follow the workers around and capture all the hilarious and crazy things they do. The branch is run by regional manager Michael Scott who isn’t so bright. At first the worker find him annoying because of his racist and offensive comments, but later on they learn that he is a good person.

Jim and Dwight are some of the main characters along with Michael. Dwight is the top sales man in the office and has the most respect towards Michael. He admires him and aspires to be like him. Jim loves messing with Dwight and making his life difficult by always pranking him. Pam is also one of the main characters in the office. She is a receptionist who was engaged for three years to a warehouse worker named Roy. Jim has had a crush on Pam ever since she started working in Dunder Mifflin. He never told her how he felt until one night when he decided to confess his feelings because he was leaving to work at another office. Now that Pam knows she is confused and doesn’t know what to do since she is engaged to Roy. What will she decide to do now that she knows how Jim feels?



Rachel Green, Ross Geller, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, and Phoebe Buffay are all best friends living New York City. Throughout the path of ten years, these friends go through a lot together. From family trouble, relationships, fights, good memories, and tears. They manage to stick together through all of it and learn what it’s really like to be a friend. The series starts with Rachel coming into the coffee shop, where they always hang out, because she had ran away from her wedding. She goes to her old best friend Monica and tells her about it which she then offers her to share an apartment. Monica is a neat freak that loves cleaning but also has trouble with her love life. She used to be over weight and got made fun of for it but she becomes a head-chef at a top restaurant.

Ross Geller is Monica’s older brother who is a great science professor and loves dinosaurs. He also has love trouble which include three divorces and having a child with his ex lesbian girlfriend. Joey Tribbiani is a small actor that wants fame and fortune. He is very good at getting women but is also very sensitive. He and his best friend/roommate Chandler are the goofy and funny ones in the group. Chandler is a data professor who uses humor as a defense mechanism. He helps his best friend Joey with money to pay for his acting lessons and photographs because he has high hopes for him. Phoebe is the weird friend. She is a personal masseuse but dreams on becoming a professional musician. She writes original songs bases on her life experiences.

The Walking Dead


Rick Grimes is the town sheriff deputy. He gets wounded while in combat and gets sent to the hospital. After spending one month in a coma he finally wakes up. He wonders around the hospital and notices that he is completely alone. There are no nurses, doctors, or patients. The only thing he finds out is that there are dangerous zombies roaming around. Desperately, he goes back home to look for his son and wife who sadly were not there, so he sets of to find them.

When he finds them he also finds a group of survivors and soon ends up taking charge as the leader. They travel around the country on the lookout for a safe place to stay. They come across many conflicts with other survivors but they always manage to stay together and not turn on each other. Will they have what it takes to survive and not get eaten by the walking dead?