Thor Ragnarok


Thor finds out that his father is dying and his death will allow his evil sister Hela to escape from prison. Hela used to be the leader of the Asgard armies, but Thor’s father Odin had imprisoned her because he was afraid she would become too ambitious and powerful. Now that Odin is dead, Thor’s evil sister Hela, who is the goddess of death, is free and more powerful than ever. She plans to take over the Asgard throne and the universe. As soon as she arrives to Asgard, she kills anyone who doesn’t stand with her or goes against her.

Hela comes out of the prison and finds Thor. Thor throws his hammer at her but she catches it and destroys it. Thor accidentally ends up on the other side of the universe on a planet called Sakaar. He gets imprisoned and forced to fight against the champion of the Grandmaster. If he doesn’t win he won’t be able to stop Hela and it will be the destruction of his world and the civilization of Asgardian. To his surprise, the champion of the Grandmaster he has to compete against is a good friend of his and one of the strongest Avengers; The Incredible Hulk.

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